Some Questions and Answers (Italics Font)

Q: Where is the dongle located?

A: Flip the mouse and it should be on the bottom of the mouse.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: It should last for 28 days with 1 hour of active use per day.

Q: Does this mouse require a driver for Mac and PC?

A: Nope. This is a plug and play device.

Q: Do I need to replace the battery?

A: No, you do not, you just need to charge it once the battery is dead.

Q: How do I charge this product?

A: Easy. Remember that there was a Micro USB cable in the box? That is the wire to charge this mouse. If you have a power adapter from your smartphone you can use that. Please note that the USB-A head can be removed from the power adapter. HINT: We do not recommend to charge this mouse using your computer. Once the computer sleeps or shuts off the charge will NOT go into the mouse. However, you can charge the battery while using it on the computer.

Q: I did not receive the dongle in the package. What do I do?

A: Please call or email us. We will gladly ship you a new dongle.

How to Install the RFNBMOUSEBAT

STEP 1: Turn the mouse on and plug the Micro USB part of the cable to the mouse and the USB-A part of the cable to your computer for at least two hours.(Can be used while charging)

STEP 2: Remove the dongle from the dongle compartment on your RFNBMOUSEBAT.

STEP 3: Plug the dongle into your computer.

Congratulations, the RFNBMOUSEBAT is ready to use!

How to Sync and Resync the Dongle

If you need to sync or resync your RFNBMOUSEBAT here are the three easy steps to do it.

STEP 1: Please turn the mouse off.

STEP 2: Please plug in the new dongle.

STEP 3: Please turn the mouse on.

You are all set and now the RFNBMOUSEBAT can be used.

How to Configure your Mouse Settings for the RFNBMOUSEBAT

How to Configure Mouse Buttons on a MAC

STEP 1: Go to System Preferences

STEP 2: Click on Mouse

STEP 3: Choose the settings you want for your mouse.

How to Configure Mouse Buttons on a PC

STEP 1: Go to Settings

STEP 2: Click on devices

STEP 3: Click on Mouse and click on Additional Mouse Options