Important: The model name is vital to find the answers you seek. Also, the model name is used when you call in to troubleshoot. This information will make life easier for you as a customer and the representative trying to assist. Please try to include the model name when you call in, look online, or while emailing us.


Where is the Model name located? 

The model name is located on the bottom of the mouse, keyboards, and number pads. (Sticker)

Below are some examples of what the sticker will look like. The circle in red is the model name of the product. Please look at the pictures accordingly since they can be located on different parts of the sticker. Note: The model name is relatively small. If you cannot see the model name anywhere, please try these suggestions: 1) Using a smartphone's camera to zoom in, 2) Using reading glasses, or 3) Using a magnifying glass.


Examples of Stickers:

Note: The Model and the Serial Number may vary. But please look at the area that is circled in red. That is the main thing to look for.