• Common Questions Asked

What is the difference between ACEKEY, ACEKEYA, ACEKEYSG?

In honesty, they are exactly the same. The only difference is ACEKEY is white, ACEKEYA is silver (aluminum) ACEKEYSG is Space Grey.

Why is the NUM KEY LIGHT not working?

For Apple/MAC, NUM LOCK is active so no need to press NUM LOCK. If you are on a PC then that is a different story.

Cap Lock light failed?

You can either unplug the keyboard and replug the keyboard (Tempory Fix) or you may contact us and ask for a firmware update. (Permanent Fix)

Is this for Mac or Pc?

Good Question! For ACEKEY it is for MAC and PC. The ACEKEYA and the ACEKEYSG are for MAC ONLY.

  • Keyboard Setup Assistance Pops Up (For Apple Only)

STEP 1: Press Continue when you see the Introduction part of the Keyboard Setup Assistance.

STEP 2: When you see Identifying Your Keyboard please press the Z key next to the left Shift key.

STEP 3: Still on the Identifying Your Keyboard please press the ?/ key next to the right Shift key.

STEP 4: Once you reach the Conclusion part please select ANSI (United States and Others). Please click done.