Question 1:  My keypad does not work. What do I do?

Answer 1: Please try these steps below (For Mac and PC):


Method 1:  Resync the dongle.

Step 1: Turn off the keypad first with the on/off switch then unplug the dongle from the computer.

Step 2: Put the keypad close to the USB port.

Step 3: Press and hold down the "enter" and the "/"  keys simultaneously while switching the keypad on. 

Step 4: Wait until the LED light flashes 

Step 5: Immediately plug the dongle into the USB port.

Step 6: Once the keypad finds its sync, the LED light flashes quickly three times then it will stop flashing.

Step 7: If the keypad fails, please repeat steps 1-6.


Method 2: Charge the battery.

Yes, charge the batteries. Once you charge it, it should work again. 


Method 3: Check a different USB port. Usually, changing the USB port will work.