DISCLAIMER: If you over tighten the base, you will hear a "click" and the base will break. If this occurs please contact us as soon as possible so we can replace it with a new one.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The MCUPXL's gooseneck is not long and not short it is in the middle meaning that this product is in between the MCUP, MCUPMP, MCUP2XL, and MCUPPOWER.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I expand the base?

Turn the release ring counter-clockwise.

How do I retract the base?

Turn the release ring clockwise.

It will not fit into the cup holder. What do I need to do so it will fit?

Easy. Contact us and we will ship you four rubber pads.

If the cradle breaks can I replace it?

Yes, just contact us so we can replace the broken one with a new one.

How to Swivel the Two Bottom Tabs Out 

STEP 1: There is a pad on the flat surface of the cradle that has the word MACALLY on it. Make sure that the word MACALLY is upside down. You can see the two Bottom Tab (You can see where it splits in half by a little gap)  

STEP 2: Put your two thumbs on the pad, two middle fingers in the back of the cradle, and the two ring fingers on a little gap where the tabs are. 

STEP 3: Push the Bottom Tabs outwards at the same time.

How to Expand and Retract the Cradle

STEP 1: There is a button on the back of the cradle (top).

STEP 2: Press and hold the button and the grips will expand out on its own.

STEP 3: To retract the grip please push the grip to your phone. PLEASE NOTE: THERE ARE PADS ON THE GRIPS WHICH WILL NOT BREAK YOUR PHONE.